Bacula upgrade

viernes, febrero 12, 2010 Publicado por: Oscar Meza

First you have to do a backup of your MySQL DB.

Second download tar files from bacula website, untar them and make the ./configure, make, and make install process

./configure --sbindir=$HOME/bacula/bin --sysconfdir=$HOME/bacula/bin --with-pid-dir=$HOME/bacula/bin/working --with-subsys-dir=$HOME/bacula/bin/working --enable-smartlloc --with-mysql --with-working-dir=$HOME/bacula/bin/working --enable-bwx-console --enable-tray-monitor --mandir=$HOME/bacula/bin --with-qwt=$HOME/bacula/depkgs/qwt

(gnome console is no longer supported)

make install

After that a few more steps

cd bacula/bin

That's all, enjoy!

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